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A pair of feet moved silently through the halls, not a sound was made as their owner moved around with ease. He knew this place like the back of his hand. It was the home he grew up in, had lived all his life. Only not. This wasn't his Wayne Manor. But another one. One that was on a different Earth of another universe. It was hard to remember at times. But here in this Earth, he was faced with his greatest challenge.

The man's feet brought him outside into the chilly air of the late day. The sun was setting, but he paid it no mind. He preferred the night anyways. Dark shoes walked down a small little path that led away from the manor, passing by a garden filled with flowers. Alfred has been doing a good job keeping these well cared for. he thought vaguely, pausing as a rose bush during his musings. Most of the flowers had yet to bloom, but were mere rose buds getting ready to peek. But there were a few, full in bloom. His hand moved up and gently touched a petal.

Roses... they represented so much. Depending on the color, they ranged from love, to friendship, to simple gratitude and joy. The number given could represent the message trying to receive. They were given for all kinds of occasions, and really was the flower of choice for most things. It's so delicate, and yet dangerous. he thought, his eyes flickering to the thorns. The barrier to protect the lovely blossoms from being taken by those who would damage the flower. How often had he sometimes thought himself like the rose. With his barrier of indifference he wore when Batman, and his playboy persona when he was not the dark knight. To protect himself from the pain that would come when others came too close.

A small sigh left the man's mouth before he walked away from the roses and continued his path. He walked further and further down until he came onto grass. His mind lingering back to the rose bush. Memories of past loves, friends, and family that had been given roses and slowly slipped through his fingers. Silent feet stopped as blue eyes closed as the images flashed though his mind. When they opened, they gazed down to gray tome stones. The first of the receiving of roses, at a time full of sadness. Bruce Wayne kneeled down as he looked at his parents graves. Well, the other Bruce's parent's graves. But is there really any difference? he thought as he gazed sadly at them, his cold mask gone as he sat with them. "I made a rule for myself to not take a life." he told them, his voice gruff but quiet. "But I fear I might just break that rule." he confessed, bringing his hand out to wipe away debris from the graves. "Please forgive me." he asked of them. And hopefully I will be able to forgive myself.
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The Dark Knight
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