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 Mibbit Randomness!!

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PostSubject: Mibbit Randomness!!   Tue Jun 12, 2012 2:00 am

CheIs Ya know what! We need little dick, and big dick in the roleplay!
00:58 CheIs ...
00:58 CheIs Wait...
00:59 CheIs Um..
00:59 CheIs -bursts out laughing-
00:59 Emily /fell out of chair
00:59 Emily omfg
00:59 Emily what
00:59 Emily is
00:59 Emily air
00:59 Emily AIR
00:59 Emily noedefmkjdsndsalkfemd
00:59 CheIs X'D -CRYING- XDDD
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PostSubject: Re: Mibbit Randomness!!   Tue Jun 12, 2012 4:17 am

03:15 CheIs XDDDD
03:15 CheIs -FALLS OVER-
03:15 CheIs HULF PISS
03:15 Emily LOL
03:15 Emily I
03:15 CheIs HULK PISS
03:15 Emily what is
03:15 Emily air
03:15 Emily I need air
03:15 Emily omfg
03:18 CheIs Hulk sat on the toilet, taking out his newspaper as he read it calmly. Then suddenly his stomach roared and he suddenly spoke. "Hulk shiiiit.." He said with a too happy grin.
03:19 Emily Tony: Hn, Rob. Do you like turn into Hulk when you strain yourself taking a shit?
03:20 CheIs X'DDDDD
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Iron Man

Iron Man

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PostSubject: Re: Mibbit Randomness!!   Sun Jun 17, 2012 2:14 am

01:04 Rogers Now I shall dream up my post cuz I need sleep now
01:04 Stark XD
01:04 Rogers *huggles*
01:04 Stark okay.
01:04 Rogers good night
01:04 Stark Night<3

01:04 Rogers talk to ya later
01:05 Stark kay
01:05 Stark xd
01:05 Rogers when you go to sleep, which should be very soon, I hope you have pelasent dreams
01:05 Rogers *more huggles*
01:05 Stark XD
01:05 Stark I woke up at 4pm
01:05 Stark I'll be up for a -long- while
01:05 Rogers don't care
01:05 Stark lol
01:05 Rogers go to bed
01:05 Stark XD
01:05 Stark Love you too. XD
01:06 Rogers darn right you do
01:06 Rogers XD
01:06 Rogers lol
01:06 Stark xD
01:06 Stark wouldn't keep you to myself if I didn't
01:06 Rogers XD
01:07 Rogers go to sleep and get your crazy sleep sched back to some what order
01:07 Stark XD
01:07 Rogers I mean it
01:07 Stark but
01:07 Stark butttt
01:07 Stark I dun wanna
01:07 Stark D:
01:07 Stark I LIKE MY STUPID
01:07 Stark sleeping
01:07 Stark thing
01:07 Stark idk
01:07 Rogers You can dream up some lovely steve and tony
01:07 Rogers or tim and kon
01:07 Stark I need to --...
01:07 Stark ....
01:07 Stark .... ugh sleeping means nightmares
01:07 Rogers ahh
01:07 Stark I really don't /want/
01:07 Rogers *huggles*
01:07 Stark I DID DREAM
01:07 Stark for like
01:07 Stark the first time
01:07 Stark in almost a year
01:07 Stark xD
01:08 Rogers I hope you keep on dreaming. Way better then nightmares
01:08 Stark XD
01:08 Stark yeah
01:08 Stark It involved Dick and mpreg.
01:08 Rogers probably due to teh story you read
01:08 Stark and talking to Bruce about his thoughts
01:08 Stark it was weird.
01:08 Rogers XD
01:08 Stark but enjoyable.
01:08 Stark xD
01:08 Rogers yay
01:08 Stark "you wouldn't have this problem if you were straight."
01:08 Rogers anyways
01:08 Rogers night
01:08 Rogers XD

01:08 Stark "not everyone can have an alien boyfriend."
01:09 Stark Night. B]
01:09 Rogers wait Dick being the one with the alien boyfriend?
01:09 Stark No, Bruce.
01:09 Rogers Ah
01:09 Rogers Ok XD
01:09 Stark My brain ships S/B
01:09 Rogers more sense now
01:09 Stark And D/J
01:09 Stark and K/T
01:10 Rogers I know it does. XD
01:10 Rogers We share much in common in those senses XD
01:10 Stark XD
01:10 Rogers love ya
01:10 Rogers night
01:10 Stark That's why we work so well together
01:10 Stark love you too. Night
01:10 Rogers indeed
01:10 Stark xD
01:10 *** Rogers quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
01:10 Stark 3 times the charm
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Captain America

Captain America

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PostSubject: Re: Mibbit Randomness!!   Sun Jun 17, 2012 3:24 pm

lol XD
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Iron Man

Iron Man

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PostSubject: Re: Mibbit Randomness!!   Sun Jun 17, 2012 5:18 pm

took three times xD
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PostSubject: Re: Mibbit Randomness!!   

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Mibbit Randomness!!
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