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PostSubject: Protector list   Protector list EmptySun Jun 03, 2012 12:29 pm

Okay so I thought this might be helpfull.

Top 5 protectors:

1. _______
4. Owlman
5. Loki

Why top 5? Because if there are even number of them they will end up in fight eachother and then there is no tie breaker and all out chaos ensues. XD And why are there 3 empty spots you might ask? because I want to reveal them gradually, and I want the top 5 to be big bad and powerfull. And to be honest I havent setteled them all in my head either, so if someone has a good plot for one and the charrie is BBP then pm me and we will see.

The top 5 are level 1 protectors, meaning they can access everything, and take orders from no one.
Level 2 protectors are heroes or villains that take orders from level 1 protectors. They can boss level 3 protectors.
Level 3 protectors are the personal man power of the whole organisation. Soldiers if you will and low level employees.

So to summarise. Level 1 = Bosses
Level 2 = Liutenants
Level 3 = Soldiers

Level 2 operatives this far are:

- Superwoman
- Alfred Pennyworth
- Emma Frost

If I forgot someone which I probably did please tell me XD
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Protector list
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