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 The Rise of the Feline

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The Rise of the Feline Empty
PostSubject: The Rise of the Feline   The Rise of the Feline EmptyFri Apr 27, 2012 10:12 pm

My name…? Well I hadn’t used it in a long while. My family was dead and friends, I didn’t have any. I didn’t have a job or money so I turned to petty thievery. My mother… loved cats, even more then I believe she ever loved me. So I turned into the thing she loved most, a cat. For a while when big, shiny thing disappeared it was blamed on a variety of people yet they were all me. The Cat was my first name before it had come to a complete and utter conclusion, that Catwoman was more suited, when they realized what I looked like. From then on out I had become Catwoman.

I am the thief every petty thief wants to be. I am gorgeous in my leather suit, flexible beyond any man’s hopes and dreams and I am just… that good with a whip. I may not have ‘super’ powers; but the never stopped me. Though once I was told by a cat that my super power, if it even could begin to be called that, was the fact that I could manipulate any cat to do my bidding. I was in shock, of course but in my realization I knew it to be true. Who else could talk to a cat?
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The Rise of the Feline
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