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 Love never dies

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PostSubject: Love never dies   Love never dies EmptyThu May 24, 2012 10:44 pm

Laura rolled onto her side, trying to get out of the dream she was having.

She was dreaming about Dick's death.

"Dick.." She cried out in her sleep, desperately trying to get out of her dream.

Then..suddenly Superwoman snapped Dick's neck.

"Dick!" She screamed as she finally woke up, her eyes wide as she was suddenly sitting up. Her eyes slowly softened, knowing that the nightmare was real. "I still can't get over your death.." She whispered to herself. Before she suddenly felt nauseous. "Crap.." She moaned.

She ran to the bathroom to suddenly start puking in the toilet.

And when she finished, she sat on her knees, trying to catch her breath. She then slowly got up when she felt better. Her eyes then landed on her pads. Her eyes then widened when she realized she was late..very late..

Two weeks late..


Laura suddenly ran through the bathroom, but saw no pregnancy tests. Which made her curse as she walked patiently and went to get a pregnancy test from the Infirmary. She got one of the tests that said that it was very accurate on the box.

She then went back to her room and started to do what was needed for the tests.

Ten minutes later

Laura looked at the test, before her eyes widened at what she saw.



"N-no.." She whispered as she dropped the test and fell to her knees as she just stared at the floor.

No..no..this isn't true..it isn't...It can't be, I can't be pregnant..Not with his child..we were using protection..We..

She then felt her whole body froze, as her heart felt like it stopped..The condom had broke while they had done it, and now..she..she was pregnant...

The tears slowly fell down her cheeks as she fell back against the wall and started to cry..Why was this happening?

Why..when he is gone?

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Love never dies
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