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 Overtime (Steve/Tony Fan Fiction Tag: Captain America)

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Iron Man

Iron Man

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PostSubject: Overtime (Steve/Tony Fan Fiction Tag: Captain America)   Mon May 21, 2012 12:02 am

(( OOC: this takes place post heart attack, and during their relationship together. Current setting is the Infirmary~ ))

Tony had been told to relax and settle down after his latest stint with death, but of course he was too stubborn to actually listen. He was thankful that the Medcal area in which he residing was in fact a de-powered collar zone. Here he could work on his suit which was the past time he missed the most at the moment. He misse the feel of the metal attaching itself to his skin as the aderinaline pumped through his body. He frowned, fixing and up draining his arm equipment. He would get to use his suit sometime if he ever was fuckig cleared from the white on white depressin zone of healing.

God, he really hated the color white. So much. He wished he could throw some red or maybe even possibly gold on the walls. He doubted Bruce would find that appealing but the thought of prankig the Bat almost made him a bit giddy. No, he was giddy. He was... Oh what the hell, he almost died. You don't get weaker than that.

With a tired groan Tony rolled his eyes as he played with the material on his arm. Extermis was being decidedly helpful today with plans and other ideas he dreamed about. The nanobotic program was seriously amazing, though it probably did more damage than good to his team, it helped him out in so many ways the was inhumanly possible. If he could adore something more than his Patriot it would be the program.

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Captain America

Captain America

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PostSubject: Re: Overtime (Steve/Tony Fan Fiction Tag: Captain America)   Thu May 24, 2012 5:36 pm

Steve knew that training was in order, it was important for any soldier. Especially after coming into this universe. And the super soldier did. Sometimes. However as of late the to of time man found himself instead in the infirmary. Not because he got hurt, no that didn't happen often. No, he kept going to the medical lab was because, that was were Tony was.

The Iron Man had suffered a great heart attack, and even had to get a transplant. The event was terrifying to the blonde. But it did make him realize one thing. And that was he was in love with the egotistical, narcissistic, all male billionaire genius. It was a bit of a shocking affair to the old fashioned man, and still a bit hard to deal with, but at the time all he could care about was for Tony to come out of it alive and safe. And he did.

The relationship didn't quite start out smooth, but there was passion. And Steve was determined, even if he was a bit uncomfortable and not fully accepting of his own sexuality, to keep Tony with him always.

And thus the many visits to the infirmary. To spend as much time with the man he loved. As well as make sure eh took it easy like he was supposed to.

Easy to say when the super soldier entered the infirmary, he was not surprised as well as not pleased to see the genius at work. "Tony." he said, his ton serious and a warning. "You're supposed to b resting."
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Iron Man

Iron Man

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PostSubject: Re: Overtime (Steve/Tony Fan Fiction Tag: Captain America)   Thu May 24, 2012 5:53 pm


Tony brought his head to look at the Patriot, blinking blankly. His hand hadn't stopped moving to fix the arm as he heard the rest of what his Patriot was berating him with.

"You're supposed to be resting."

"Supposed to be, I like to think of it as... a helpful suggestion, but then again it's really not all that helpful, is it?" Tony said, giving a flirtatious wink trying to show how he felt fine to his overly worried, yet doting Steve.

"Trust me, Stripes, I feel fine. Fantastic, even! Just let them let me go." Tony gave him look that portrayed how much he hate this place and he was a person that would make life hell for anyone that kept him in some place he didn't want to be in. This excluded Steve, of course, but still he wanted out.

Tony's eyes looked back down to his arm before he noticed the blue aura that he had become used to no longer in his chest. The arc reactor had been removed during his heart transplant since by removing the muscle that was littered with flecks of lethal metal no longer resided there; the reactor served no purpose. It would just turn into a ticking time bomb unless disposed of. Part of him had been relieved but the other part missed the warm sensation as the reactor radiated. Another part missed the night light that let him know he was safe from shrapnel digging into his heart and killing him in his sleep.

Honestly? He'd miss the thing. Maybe he might just make a new one for the sake of nostalgia.
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Captain America

Captain America

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PostSubject: Re: Overtime (Steve/Tony Fan Fiction Tag: Captain America)   Thu May 24, 2012 11:10 pm

Steve felt his eyes roll at his genius's words. A suggestion right. "Well I like to think of it as what the doctors told you to do so you can heal fast and get out sooner." he said, putting emphasis on keywords that might help get Tony to cooperate. Though the chances weren't very high.

As his boyfriend, even to himself saying it was a bit weird, then went on to try and convince him that he was fine to leave, Steve sighed before shaking his head. It was obvious how much the other hated it in the infirmary, and the patriot as very tempted to give in and comply, but if the medical people believe he needed to stay and rest than that would be what would happen. "I think they know what their doing." he said calmly, moving closer to the other's bed and sitting down in the chair that rested by it. Something long ago placed in for Steve to use.

As he sat down, he noticed Tony staring at something. At first he thought it was just the work he was doing. But the angle of the head and eyes seemed off... It took a moment for him to realize Tony was staring at his chest. Steve followed the gaze and looked at the no longer glowing center. It was strange. For all that he known the billionaire, he had always had the reactor glowing in his chest. To see it gone was odd... but it also made him seem more human. More in Steve's reach.

Before he knew it, his hand reached out and touched where he had been staring out. "Miss it?" he asked, though he believed he knew the answer. It was very much a part of Tony.
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Iron Man

Iron Man

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PostSubject: Re: Overtime (Steve/Tony Fan Fiction Tag: Captain America)   Thu May 24, 2012 11:27 pm

"Well I like to think of it as what the doctors told you to do so you can heal fast and get out sooner."

Tony rolled his eyes, of course the logic was there but this wasn't a time to be theoretically logical. Seriously, he felt fine! He just wanted to get back to the weight room, which he had converted into a mini-lab for himself as he tried to keep his mind occupied with Extermis's constant need to save and remind him of projects.

"I think I know what they're doing."

"They seriously don't. I think I have more doctorates than the guy working on me. Seriously. Actually, maybe Reed had more, wait no. Reed always had more." Tony face scrunched together for a second before trying to think of a better insult.

"JARVIS would have been more qualified to have been my doctor and it's a disembodied A.I." Tony's eyes hadn't moved up. He vaguely registered Steve moving to the side of him as the Patriot sat in a chair. The chair had given a minor groan and Extermis had alerted him to movement. Sometimes he almost wished that Extermis would turn off. It was hard to...

Tony blinked, staring at the hand touching the area where his arc reactor once laid. Being the invasive reminder of it.

"Miss it?"

The Iron Man shut his eyes as he let out a slow sigh through his nose. His smoother hand wrapped itself around Steve's hand moving it from the area. He placed his guard up once more, pretend your happy.

Pretend you're happy.

Tony slapped a smirk on his face giving Steve a twinkle with his eyes, a long since perfected move.

"You'll just have to find another Flash light, I suppose. OH! Maybe one the functions like a pocket kn..." Tony's words stopped there as his mind thrusted into ideas, four right now that were quickly doubling. Extermis saved the files and moved them in order of which was more realistic (on flash light had a flame thrower attached to it, the thought almost caused the CEO of Stark Industries to smirk or cackle. Both seemed perfectly natural).


Tony was losing his train of thought. Oh well, better think of flashlight Swiss army knife hybrids than Afghanistan. Anything was better than thinking of it
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PostSubject: Re: Overtime (Steve/Tony Fan Fiction Tag: Captain America)   

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Overtime (Steve/Tony Fan Fiction Tag: Captain America)
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