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 Meeting of two protectors, introducing Owlman

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Meeting of two protectors, introducing Owlman Empty
PostSubject: Meeting of two protectors, introducing Owlman   Meeting of two protectors, introducing Owlman EmptyThu May 17, 2012 7:44 am

Amanda walked into her room after the arena match. That had been dissapointing. She had wished the man would have put on more of a fight. She sighed as she closed the door. What was with that guy? And that guy Jason. Obviously she had pushed him right into the heroes arms. She sat on her bed and started to remove her boots.


Thomas was watching her from the shadows, in the corner of the room. "Somehow I got the feeling you missed me." He chuceled as he stepped closer. He saw her turn her head surprised.


"I thought you abandoned me." She said smiling seductively to him when he walked infront of her. He knelt down to take her boot off. "You've been watching me?" She asked extending her leg to rub his crotch.


Thomas smirked, but removed her foot. "I have. I see you were trying to make me jealous. Consider it succesfull." He stood up looking at her with his arms crossed over his chest.


Amanda smiled and stood up, wrapping her arms around his neck and leaned her face closer to his. She let her lips hover over his. "That was what I was aiming for." She kissed his lips softly.


Thomas pulled away from the kiss and unwrapped her arms, holding her wrists infront of him. "Now Amanda, we can't do this and you know it. You are undercover here. I can't be sneaking in here or you sneaking out of here." He said sounding emotionless.


She looked up at him, frowning. "What are you saying? Are we breaking up?" She asked pulling away from him. He couldn't be serious. They were always foling around. Why not now?


Thomas sighed. "Yes. We can't be seen together, it's too risky Amanda."


She felt angry, she knew she was undercover, and knew how to keep it that way. She felt like he was underestimating her. "I can keep us a secret Thomas! I'm not going to blow my cover!" She pushed him away. "Give me some credit here! It was my idea in the first place!"


Thomas stumbeled backwards. "I know, and it was a good idea. But I'm questioning your ability to act rationally when it comes to us."


Amanda narrowed her eyes at him. "Fine!" She went to the door and opened it, holding it open for him. "Go! So you don't get caught with me! Owlman." She avoided to look at him. She was pissed. It hurt that he didn't trust her.


Owlman looked at Superwoman. He knew he pissed her off with that. And that was the point to be honest. She treated this like it was just a plot. It was bigger than that. They needed someone inside the teams to direct away the suspicion. Now she had made enemies with the bat family. The only thing wrong was that she had put her life in danger with that. Jason wouldn't give up on the hunt, and the protectors couldn't intervene if he would get her. And if he was seen with her, or even a suspicion that he was here her cover would be blown. This was for the best and he knew it. Though breaking up with her was something he didn't want to do. She had slept with Harley, and that had to be honest amused him. He was not the jealous type, but he didn't like other men touching her. He sighed and left the room, hearing the door slam after him. He hurried out before anyone saw he was there.


Amanda slammed the door after Owlman. She was more than pissed. He knew she wasn't irresponsible. It angered her so much he did that. She stomped to her bed and took her boots, throwing them to the wall. She was panting for air, the sudden anger shaking every fiber of her being. "I don't need him. I don't!!" She went to the bathroom to take a bath. Maybe that would calm her down.
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Meeting of two protectors, introducing Owlman
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